Regulating Lumens, Joules and Kilowatts

At RLJK, we design lighting (lumens), energy (joules) and electrical (kilowatts) systems which create value for our clients. With increasing energy demand and rising costs, RLJK can help by designing cost-effective, energy-efficient alternatives.

Our markets include architectural, commercial, industrial and government projects. Our design teams consist of a group of highly trained staff with a wealth of experience and credentials to include licensing in all 50 states.

Cologne Community Center, Cologne, MN

Cologne Community Center ribbon cutting ceremony

Celebrating at the Cologne Community Center's ribbon-cutting ceremony, RLJK staff joined other professionals who were involved in this project. Involved from concept to final construction, RLJK's designs made possible the high energy efficiency achieved by the center's new facility. Click on the photo to learn more.




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